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More Mp3 Player

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I've been adding stuff to the mp3 player, and making sure it's rock solid. I'm also testing it with a much larger library of songs.

I've added a scroll bar for the playlist, as well as made the position slider functional (you can drag and set the current position in the .mp3 song). Also the control buttons are now totally functional. Now the name of the song being played scrolls accross the top of the player.

About a day to implement a functional Mp3 Player/Playlist...not bad eh?

I've also fixed some random bugs today.

I should increase the resolution of these screenshots...lately they've been in 800x600 mode. This makes the windows look lame...they look a lot sharper in high resolution modes.

If anybody is interested in helping beta test "Gang War" please send an e-mail to dgreen@radioactive-software.com with BETA in the heading, also include your computer specs and some basic information about yourself.

- Dan

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For the music, is it possible to convert it when a music is load, and save it in a buffer ?. But i also agree that MP3 is just fine. :). but 2500,-...

IF! you use the other format, i will play my music with Winamp. I see no problem here ( for me :D )

Owja. Can we download the GangWars Menu sound ;)?

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Is it a idea to give the same dude more textures? The man walking with the red polo can also wear a black pants and green polo. And so on..

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Love how this project is looking. Your UI could use some serious redesigning, however!

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Aw...I like the GUI :-( I hope you're talking about the bottom part which is really bad. I kinda like everything else tho.

- Dan

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