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Nothing really fancy to say, so let's try to enhance our culture...

Christmas is comming, so I allowed me to give some presents to myself (good boy, isn't he?).

  • Vitalic's Ok Cowboy: this is a really good piece of techno, whith very big titles (Poney Part 1, No Fun or the slower Trahison)
  • I decided to give a try to Francois Ozon, a French movie maker. I went to the theater and saw Le Temps qui Reste, the story of a man who knows he's going to die from a cancer.
  • I bought some books by Isaac Asimov and Roger Zelazny, because I love reading them ;)
  • I also bought some comics and mangas: the 5 first tomes of Hisashi Sakaguchi's Ikkyu, Tessa, Agent Intergalactique [FR], t11 to 13 of Samura's Blade of the Immortal (L'Habitant de l'Infini is the French title)

I also bought some other CD (Paris Combo live, Gotan Project's Inspiracion Espiracion, and Pink Martini's Hang On Little Tomato).

Now, I really need some money.
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