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My first entry

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Hi, my name is Matheus Von Der Kerkhoff, I'm new in game programming.

For this day forward, my journal will show you a little bit about my experience in the game programming world.

My first project is a graphical engine 2D, in C++.

My idea is quite simple. First, I need to make a little engine, and after that, I can begin with some little games (I have already done some games without an engine, but didn't like), like plataform games and something like Counter Strike 2D.

If my engine support the skills of Counter Strike 2D or Soldat(is just some examples), I'll be very happy. =D

A little piece of my engine is already done. Tomorrow I'll explain you how I plan build it and will appreciate all the suggestions.


See ya..
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Recommended Comments

Yay, another journal! [grin]
Here's hoping to see lots of pictures of your project - good luck!

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Welcome to Journal Land! Have a rating++; it's on the house! :)

Best of luck to you in your project. 2D engines can be quite fun to write, I can attest to. :P Be sure to keep us plenty informed!

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Sure, as soon as possible I'll post some pictures of the "huge" features of my engine =D

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Welcome to Journal land!...here be some + greetings and good luck with your project. [smile]

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@ELP: Yes, you've passed the 24-hour initiation phase. If your pants are still, in fact, extra long, than you are authorized to greet anyone into Journal Land. Congratulations. :)

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This is what I call a great reception =D

Thanx all of you =D, tomorrow I'll begin the proccess of my engine, but I'm already working on it, the first week I'll put you on the line about that =D

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Wonderful flowchart, hah. Pessimistic, but wonderful nonetheless. A good truth in many respects, I suppose. :P

Don't mind if I print it off and pin it to my wall to serve as a reminder. :)

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