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A stunning vista

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Posting this from Vista, after a few hours of wrestling with it to get it installed and working. Unfortunately the bootloader seems to have gone a bit strange in the head in the process and I can't access XP at the moment. So I'm using IE7 and Vista whether I like it or not [grin]

Thus far I don't really like it, but I don't know how many of the issues I'm seeing are down to beta problems and how many are by design. For example, the security stuff seems to be kicking in and asking me whether I want to run things immediately after I double-click them, which is obviously not great, and there are many many many things which seem to be multi-part processes (i.e. one overarching process which involves launching lots of other programs, like hardware installation) but don't have anything tying them together. I think this is supposed to be feature-complete, but we'll see...

I'm also feeling a tad healthier now, after sleeping for a few hours. Thanks to those who posted good wishes.
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Vista is missing a bunch of driver support.... It'll come soon. 64 bit processing is on its way.

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