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VS 2005 Pro arrives!

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Well the last couple of days have been pretty cool. 22nd, VS 2005 Pro arrives from MS together with some other goodies. They are my fav big corporate people!

Then of course you guys around here are muchos cool too!

Last couple of days have also involved much drinking. My wifes work Christmas do was pretty cool... despite being around cool media types I didn't feel too geeky. And yesterday drinking with my work mates at the thatched pub near work, playing Cranium and generally having a laugh was also awesome. And my wife taking the bus to come pick me and the car up? How lucky am I!

My sisters birthday today, so I'm going back to my hometown this afternoon. Sounds like we are going to have a meal at home, then she and my other sister - their partners and me and Danni are supposed to go out clubbing in town. Clubbing with my sisters huh, that will be a new one!

I usually try and keep this journal a little more tech then my other one... so anyways the Win2K3 install is going alright, everything apart from universal plug and play is in there - which is only missed by my canon camera. I brought a "Physics for Game Programmers" book the other day (Apress) and it looks pretty good, though I've only read the first few pages. It's the first all math/physics book I've brought for years... you don't really need it programming library and learning centre software! But several times I've started and not completed my "biplanes" clone - because I got fustrated about it not moving around very well on screen. Well with any luck this book will give me a higher level of understanding and my next attempt (this time using C#2) will be right.

At some point I also want to finish my audio plug in for Ogre3d which I started for my ill-fated 4E4 entry. That of course is all C++. That and I actually have a full unit tested business logic part for one of the 4 subgames that were going to be part of my entry.

Work wise, well, not really sure whats going on. Will probably be involved in some web portal thingy in the new year. My extension to my windows authentication software (replaces the ms gina) was finished a couple of weeks ago... means people log in to Windows by swiping their borrower cards through a barcode reader, then entering that cards pin. I think that's pretty damn cool myself!

Anyway I've rattled off a pretty big entry. You all have a great Christmas and Happy New Year! With any luck I'll meet up with some of you in London (via GDNet Gathering London) in the New Year for another boozy day of fun.

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I usually try and keep this journal a little more tech then my other one...

No apologies needed because......Santa's coming tonight, Woot!!! [grin] [grin]

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