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Going back to my /root

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We had the first major snow storm of the season last week. We got 42 cm, one tiny cm off the snow storm of the century that hit the Northeast in 1971. The day before I went to my sister-in-law's shop to get some good coffee (she owns a specialty grocery store) and get my old laptop, an old IBM Thinkpad i-1411. It's pretty old (circa 1998), but I used it to profusion during my MBA. Coupled with an also ran copy of SuSE 8.3, I spend the day of the storm converting my laptop from Win98 to Linux. There was nothing more productive to do; the phone line was dead, my internet connection was intermittent at best, and I was going nowhere anyway.

I was able to put on the text-based interface but I never was able to start X in any shape or form. I probably missed a few drivers so I delved into the shell and started programming. Last time I wrote code on Unix was on August 5th, 1999. It felt wierd to fire up 'vi' and still feel at home. Without X running, it was pointless to do any graphics. So I toyed around a network 'chat' program to check the system out for a few hours. vi/make/gdb, Yeah! I felt that all those years with Microsoft Visual Studio I spent as a spoiled kid.

I knew SuSE was not going to be up to par for my laptop, and I didn't want to pay for an upgrade. It took my a few days to download the last version of Debian 3.1 'Sarge' and install the latest goodies. As of last night I am a happy Linux machine owner. I still have some kinks to work out with the damn mouse, but it works rather well overall.

This pretty much sums up what I'm going to do during the xmas break: Linux, C++, Kdevelop3, OpenGL, Subversion. No more management meetings, project evaluations, endless budget discussions, or marketing event schedule changes. Just programming. That's what I call a vacation... |8-}
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