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Just got home

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I just came home from my aunt, where we celebrated christmas (in Denmark we celebrate christmas and get presents in the evening of the 24th). I got the following presents:

  • Raptor ATA HD, 36,7GB, 10000RPM

  • King Kong, collectors edition (PS2)

  • Star Wars Battlefront 2(PS2)

  • The two last books in a triology.

  • ~$65 gift token (right word? Looked it up in a dictonary) for a store which sells music, and computer stuff (at 3x the price on the Internet).

  • ~$37

I knew I was getting the HD from my mother and father, I will install it tommorow. In one of the other journal posts I said I didn't like King Kong (for the PC), but thinking about it I actually think the reason was that it was designed for consoles, and the PC port was not well done because they had to release it before christmas, and at the same time as the movie. For example the controls where very simple and they could have used the keyboard much better, but on a console you don't have that many buttons so there it might be a good way to control it. I don't think Battlefront is anything special, tried it at a friend, but I weren't impressed.

I also knew I was getting the books because my mother had to ask me if I wanted them, but it was hard without telling me why, she tried, but it was not hard to guess. Money and gift tokens where just from people who didn't know what to get me. I also got Starwars III, but I already have it, but I didn't mention it because I already have it and the people who gave it to me just bought it because they HAD to (since everyone else gave presents), I really don't see the reason that they even used those 5 minutes (and money) getting me a present.

I actually got better presents than I had expected, also the "ceremony" (or whatever it's called) went very well, it was fun and we had some good food.

Of the presents I gave I think the only one who really liked it, was my little sister, I got her some toy where you connect small magnets, there is also some iron balls, you can then make lots of stuff, kind of like Lego (well actually not, but it's the closest thing I know of), I don't know if anyone know what I'm talking about, they are called GeoMag here in Denmark. I also think my father liked his present, a special calendar with stuff about the nature (almost $40), my mother didn't seem to excited about her present though, but I didn't really knew what to give her either (of course she said thanks, and that she liked it). And none of the other family members seemed to care, since I generally give less than the adults.
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