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Merry Codemas! Err..

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Merry Christmas!

I get to use a green font once a year. That's all I ask. :P

Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas, and some very great holidays even if you aren't into that whole tree-ornament thing. ;)

Don't drink too much. Don't drive too much. Be safe. Be warm. Be with your family. Drink lots of eggnog. Be grateful and happy for what you have. And remember that's it's about giving, not receiving. :)

Mystery Project

I'm really excited about getting going with development on this. I want to wait until I'm done with Star of Shadows v0.03 and have it released before I really get into it, but a proper design document and some notable planning will definitely be needed.

So far all of the games that I've done have been with my other teammate, Draffurd. I did the coding and he did the art/sound. This may be the start of building up an actual team. GD.NET is a pretty good place to find talent folks, from what I've seen, so I may be doing some soul-hunting at one point. :)

Star of Shadows RPG

Geez, my roadmap for v0.03 is going to probably end up being 50% bigger than the v0.02 one, making this release an even bigger jump than v0.01 (which was pretty much just an actor walking around :P) to v0.02.

Quelled a few bugs today (and the last couple days -- this is a general update :P), and finalized the framerate-independant stuff for actor movement and animations, so things should run smoothly (hah, pun) on everyone's computer. Also added the new actor datafiles from the sprites that Seether drew, which gives us a whopping seven new sprites from v0.02. It'll be fun to toss them into Test Town and make up some non-sensical quests involving them. ;)

Have yourself a great holiday!
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Your Codemas idea got me doing some programmer art for my journal. Thanks for the inspiration and here is a + for it.

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