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Merry Chistmas

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I just thought I would say Merry Christmas to all.

At this time of year, it may be good for some to take a mental inventory of things past, present, and future. FOr me, this year has been one of the most productive of my life, development wise it hasn't been that productive, but other aspects of my life sure have. Also, this is the first year in many that someone I knew didn't die, I accept death as a natural progression of life, but I think it's a good thing when for a while, that aspect of change stays away for a while. On the other side as well, my family welcomed my nephew into the world this year in March, a day before my son's birthday, as well as me being able to work through a lot of personal issues.

What does next year hold? At this point, staying with my current employer and working hard, going back to school to finish my associates degree, and hopefully continuing to grow as a person. I've also developed a rather interesting relationship with a woman who although she's many miles a way stays close to my heart everyday, and she is the most beautiful geek I've ever met in my life.

So for 2006 in my personal life things are looking up, and Busch's rane of terror is another year closer to being at an end, what will the future hold, only time will tell, but as long as one continues to move foward in the face of adversity, good things can't help but happen.

Still coding when I can slow progress is better then no progress at all.
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