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Merry Crashmus!

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What an ironic twist of fate. I plug in my new flatscreen LCD monitor I got for Christmas, and within 20 minutes it crashes and my computer refuses to startup now. From the sounds and indications my HD is making, I think my harddrive may have been fried in the ordeal. The monitor itself is definitely going back to the store.

According to the latest backup I have on my USB key, and if I cannot recover the lost data, I'm back at v0.02 of Star of Shadows RPG. That means option windows, shops, map transitions, and a ton of other fixes/additions have been lost. A month of solid work tossed away. That doesn't include all of the other work and information I had stored. Heaps of work. Funny how the folly of not backing data up more often once again smites me abroad? :P

Going to be getting a new harddrive at one point this week, hopefully, and see if it can be saved. Until then, please cross your fingers for my sake and sanity. :)

Merry Christmas.
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That sucks. I hope your old hard drive really isn't badly damaged, and that you can recover at least a piece of your old work. If not, look to it as a way to improve your code I suppose.

I got a nice Maxtor OneTouch II for Christmas, I just plug it in and hit the button and the copy of Retrospect it comes with backs up my code directory automatically. So now I have to start a habit of hitting that button.

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Depending on how much the data is worth to you, you can use a data recovery service but these are quite expensive at times. A friend of mine that does work in digital forensics pointed me towards a program named Stellar Phoenix when I had a drive almost totaly die. It is around $100 but is well worth it, and is about the same thing a data recovery service would do on the noninvasive level.

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