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PGraphicObject and PInputEventReceiver

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Today I should explain the PWindow class and IVideoDriver interface..but...looking the project, I decided to show the PGraphicObject (all the graphic objects will derive from it, so...) and the PInputEventReciever first, because the PWindow class derives from PInputEventReciever =D

Check the code:


bool FVisible;

IVideoDriver* FVideoDriver;
SRect* FBounds;
PGraphicObject(SRect* ABounds, IVideoDriver* AVideoDriver);

bool GetVisible(void);
void SetVisible(bool AValue);

SRect* GetBounds(void);
void SetBounds(SRect* AValue);

IVideoDriver* GetVideoDriver(void);
void SetVideoDriver(IVideoDriver* AValue);

virtual void Draw(void) = 0;

This class have not much to explain...any doubt ask me please...


void (*FOnMouseMove)(SCoord* AMousePosition);
void (*FOnMouseDown)(SCoord* AMousePosition, ENMouseButton AMouseButton);
void (*FOnMouseUp)(SCoord* AMousePosition, ENMouseButton AMouseButton);

void (*FOnKeyDown)(int AKey);
void (*FOnKeyUp)(int AKey);
virtual void DoMouseMove(SCoord* AMousePosition);
virtual void DoMouseDown(SCoord* AMousePosition, ENMouseButton AMouseButton);
virtual void DoMouseUp(SCoord* AMousePosition, ENMouseButton AMouseButton);

virtual void DoKeyDown(int AKey);
virtual void DoKeyUp(int AKey);
PInputEventReciever(SRect* ABounds, IVideoDriver* AVideoDriver);

void OnMouseMove(void (*AOnMouseMove)(SCoord* AMousePosition));
void OnMouseDown(void (*AOnMouseDown)(SCoord* AMousePosition, ENMouseButton AMouseButton));
void OnMouseUp(void (*AOnMouseUp)(SCoord* AMousePosition, ENMouseButton AMouseButton));

void OnKeyDown(void (*AOnKeyDown)(int AKey));
void OnKeyUp(void (*AOnKeyDown)(int AKey));

virtual void Draw() = 0;

This class just have the pointers to the methods. All the PInputEventReceivers objects, will be registered in the MouseDriver and KeyboardDriver on PDevice and the events will be fired from these drivers to the recievers.

just like I said, the PWindow class derives from PInputEventReceiver.

Tomorrow I'll show the PWindow class and the IVideoDriver interface..
at this time, I promisse..hehe

leave comments with suggestions, critics or love phrases =P

well..see you tomorrow..
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