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/So yes

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I'm quite drunk after a fair amount of vodka and a few pints of guiness and then more vodka.

we went down to my mate's house for a srot of party thing, and then he and I went down the pub so he could pull the barmaid who is his ex girlfriend, and she's really nice and we went back to his place but then I left because I don't want to mess with his game. I'll see her again somtime.

My brother however does not seem to have the same kind of sensibilities... he's still there [sad]
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Trust me. Wasn't a tactless decision. All fun was had, and no privacy was infringed upon.

Plus I was (and still am) quite drunk - not that I should need an excuse, but just in case.

I had to correct a lot of drunken typos before posting that :-p

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