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So I started work on the Inventory screen. It allows you to equip and remove upgrades (and change weapons) on the fly, and jettison unwanted cargo (including passengers) into the cold recesses of space.

Here's the prototype I'm working from.. I really want to pretty up these UI screens but I should get the gameplay under spec first.

Next up, is using these weapons, adding the player's PDA (for business management, quest visualization, and jump maps). It should be somewhat interesting. I also want to build a cheap-shit particle engine for the ship thrusters, so we can see when we're thrusting about.

It's possible I may have the procedural universe and star system generator up and running soon (with or without the economics generator) and so I'll be able to take screenshots of a little voyage or two into uncharted space. This is really damned exciting.

Edit: Jettisoning, and installing/removing upgrades works now, although the upgrades only work for weapons right now (armour and passive upgrades will come later as soon as I figure out a system for them!)
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