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Our first Main.cpp

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Hi everyone, I'm a little hurried, so I will just write here our first main.cpp =D

We can already create some windows and show...

If you are following the previous days, check how simple is the code:

#include "PStructs.h"
#include "PDevice.h"

int main()
PDevice* MainApplication= new PDevice(vdOpenGL);

MainApplication->CreateNewWindow("MyWindow", new SRect(0, 100, 500, 500));

while (MainApplication->Running())


return 0;

When we create a PDevice instance, we pass by parameter, the type of API we want to use. In this case, is OpenGL..

Well...tomorrow I'll show the first "visual" version of our engine, with what we have until now..

See ya..
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Nice. Sorry if you mentioned it prior already, but what APIs will the engine support aside from OpenGL? I've yet to see a 2D engine that makes use of a bunch of different renderers (OpenGL, Direct3D, SDL, etc) for more flexibility.

Also, are you planning to go open-source with this? Or release the engine? :)

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for while...I pretend implement just the OpenGL and DirectX support...

and...about free source...I think that I'm quite novice in game programming to make something that deserve to be paid...=D

And more...I count with everyone to help me in build this engine :)


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