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I'm about to start working on the game again after a nice little break. Here is how the top of my todo list looks:
- Finish up multiplayer
- Code up Master Server (to allow clients to locate servers around the world, a matchmaking service of sorts)
- Get more new graphics into the game
- Rework character control/movement
- Various little things

Again, anybody who wants to help beta test Gang War, just drop me a line at dgreen@radioactive-software.com with "BETA" in the title...also include your computer specs, location, and some basic information about yourself. Thanks a lot to those who have already sent me an e-mail, I look forward to seeing you online in the game.

Here's a screenshot I took a while ago of one of the Italian gangsters...

- Dan

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Guest Anonymous Poster


Looking sweet :D, got into the Beta cant wait hoepfully it will make it for Early Jan :D

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