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Snakes aren't so Scary

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I've been messing around with python quite a bit lately. I've messed around with it in the past, but I'm actually learning how to use it in practical ways now. This will hopefully lead into the incorporation of a python scripting system in my 2d engine, once I actually start working on the engine again.

On another note, I bought my son, among a mountain of other things, the Ewok adventures movies for Christmas. I'm very surprised at the lack of production value of the ewok suits that were used. I mean Warwick Davis still plays Wicket, (For those who aren't Star Wars Nerds that's the Ewok Leia first meets on Endor, he also played the Lerprican in that liked named series of movies, and Willow.)

but it seems that the budget was lacking as the ewok costumes are horrible. The eyes look like hudge plastic Marbles and look about a third of the quality that was used for ROTJ. I had seen these Ewok films before, but it had been a long time. I just don't get why they couldn't have used the same suites from ROTJ in these movies, it kind of just ruined the asthetic experience for myself. Luckily, my son's only two so, he didn't really notice.
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