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Late night stream of conscious rabble.

March concept paused for a while due to insufficient collab. Graphic work continues to pile in throughout my break. While dabbling and exploring some new visual styles, I've outlined and begun to flesh out a unique, colorful, silky vibe for a possible game. Heavily based on vector graphics, fluid movement, and crisp subtle lighting.

Environment.. alive? Moving? Prerendered..or a fully 3D world (however stylistically consistent, 2D vector art with a Z axis)?

Earthworm Jim's bizarre juxtapositions. Samurai Jack's environmental structure. Less gritty. Much less textural detail. More dynamic buoyancy to shape, form, and movement. Traditional japanese aesthetic in emphasis on color and shadows. A rich, bright, more varied color palette. The closest and easiest dirty pre-viz would be taking a colorful photograph, smart blurring the hell out of it in Photoshop, and cranking the saturation up.

Jotting down ideas for character design and animation. Once again, a rudimentary vector-based homebrewn illustration tool, warping in real time around adjustable spline/curves for skeletal movement? Prefab "vanity" features like eyes and gear could be placed later. Keypoint based animation, software would interpolate the rest?

Lots of vague ideas that I have yet to put to paper, which probably aren't even coherent right now. I always start this way. I should probably finally post some concept art, though there isn't any yet, except for some marker renders on paper.
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Hah, I guess I missed that entire situation. I should keep tabs on journals more often.

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