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Complete review burnout

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After reviewing dozens of books and products, I've found that I'm completely burned out on the whole process. I can't even look at a computer book nowadays without going completely crosseyed.

Which is a problem because I have about ten books that I wanna get reviewed before year-end. Ugh.
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Wondered why the wife did the headphones review. Better break that slump before next year (coming on very soon!).

Good luck with the reviews. If you need any help just let me know!

Eric 'Wackatronic' Tomlinson

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Books on tape could be a possible solution. ALthough I'm not sure if they even do that for tek books. They'd have to pay the narrators alot, but imagine having William Shatner read ATL COM Programming, it might be interesting. 10 BOoks in three days, better get cracking [wow]

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Actually I think I'll bring any un-reviewed books to the next Dallas Gamedev meeting. Anyone who's willing to read the book and post a GOOD review to gamedev can have one.

And by GOOD review, I mean 3-4 paragraphs, not just "this book suxxors".

Speaking of which, the Humanist group just moved to a bigger space in the same building. We've now got a lot more elbow room than before, along with a couple of private bathrooms :)

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That reminds me, I haven't written a review in awhile. Maybe i'll dig through some of my books and try to find something that nobody has reviewed yet.

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