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I am back

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Well, this is my first post in my developer journal. I think ill start with an introduction for starts, and use this post as a "start point".

Well I have not been developing/learning for too long. I have been learning c/c++ for about 2-3 years on/off, and about 1.5years ago I started on my first games "Space Invaders" and my small "DXSHELLB9" demo. After I made these 2 small demos I quit for over a year because of school and other things.

Well now im sorta back, and I have decided on many things. One, I have alot of free time on my hands now. I live with my mom right now and I have alot of support from her to make games. Two, this has slowly become a passion for me and I dont think I will stop until I have made a full blown game (multiplayer/lots of features). Now this may sound like some sort of "dream", and its not far from the truth because this IS my dream.

The difference is right now I am working hard to get there. I want to say this again "right now I am working hard to get there". I am not thinking about it, im not writing game ideas, im not sitting around doing nothing. Everyday I learn to do something new since about 1 month ago, and I doubt this is going to stop.

With that I want to show a screen of my "new game", its such a step up from the 8 bit crap i did before. Its called "Penguin Blast".


this is the stuff i did before:

space invaders:

this is 8bit fullscreen


That is where I stand. I am currently working on a tile engine and I will be making alot more experimental stuff wich I might post alot of here and on the forums.

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Let me be among the first to welcome you to journal land. Keep up the good work. Here is some + for starting a journal with some screenshots.

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Hay, great to have a new journal to read.. Looks like its gonna be an interesting one :)

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I may not be the first to do so, but welcome to Journal Land. Best of luck in your gamedev exploits. :)

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