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Will F


Been working on math classes. So far I have somewhat functional Vector3, Matrix3x3, and Matrix 4x4. Need to keep plugging away and implement more useful classes.

Going through my hard drive i've also realized that i'm a screen shot whore. I only keep ones I like, but I can't believe how many shots I have of different game user interfaces. I'm tempted to throw a PHP / SQLite app together to organize them and be able to do key word searches so that I can easily find ones to use as a reference. However, chances that i'll actually get around to doing this are pretty close to nil (I need more time in the day).

In non-gamedev news i'm done with Dragon Quest 8. Loved it, but feel a little sick with myself that I put over 60 hours into the game. The Final Fantasy 12 demo that came with it was also interesting - seems to play a bit like Kingdom Hearts (which isn't necessarily a bad thing).
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