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Wow, I just noticed there's some sort of closure thing going on... is it a strike? is there a gdnet developer journal writer union I was not invited to join?

I'd close mine, but quite frankly, with all the good ones closing, it can only increase the popularity of mine, I guess I'll have to start producing screenshots more frequently to keep people entertained, that is until people talk bad about the screenshots, then the screenshots will delete themselves out of sadness and this journal will wither and die, thus completing the cycle of life.

Ok, enough about that... Actually, if they don't make a version of GDnet with a damn BLACK background sometime soon, I may just end up closing this journal for real and install word press on my site and take it from there... this REALLY hurts my eyes, it's 3am and I'm sitting in here in complete darkness, except for the incredibly bright beacon of gamedev goodness that is GDNet. C'mon guys... I already wear glasses, I don't want to 'up' the Rx on 'em.

Ok, enough.

This holiday season has got my spirits down a bit.. I should've done a ton of things, but I've felt no motivation to do them at all. January is going to be real stressful and I'm already feeling the anxiety about it *sigh*.

I just want to make games... sometimes, it feels as if it's too much to ask. Oh well, I have high hopes that something good will happen in January, but if I learned something in the past 6 months is that the higher your hopes, the bigger your disappointment. It gets hard to keep your head up at times... and yet, somehow I manage...

Ok, enough rambling... hopefully next update will have a screenshot. cya.
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You know that nts, Mike T and I coded up a black-based theme and it's been available from your theme control panel for two or three weeks now, right?

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Indeed, I am using it, and my wrath is far less :D
plus, the top-left gdnet logo looks cooler than before.

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Uhm, no I was not aware... I feel silly now. Many thanks, my eyes and I appreciate it =)

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