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Okay, I'm back

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Well, I got. . .
  • Three emails telling me that I'm great
  • One email telling me that Ravuya is great
  • Two emails from gamedev members in Nairobi who need my help laundering 25 million dollars
  • One email telling me that I'm a sarcastic creep who's only making the situation worse (posted in the gamedev staff group, so I ignored it (like I ignore everything posted in the gamedev staff group)).
  • Four emails from paypal telling me my account will be suspended. Thankfully I clicked on the links and entered my username and password so it wouldn't happen.
  • Twelve emails from people wanting to sell me something called "v14GrA".
  • Two emails from people wanting me to refinance my M-O-R-T-G-A-G-E (Outlook's new heuristic spam filter fills me with much love)
  • One email trying to sell me a product that'll make me "shoot when I used to dribble" (which I don't think I need, because when it comes to basketball I'm really more of a defense player)
  • Three emails trying to sell me downloadable Photoshop for $18 (and the website's based in Qatar, so it must be legit).

So. . .I guess I'll reopen. I'm changing the name, though. Mainly because Rick The Unwashed Heathen thinks I'm being out of step by not using the word "Blog". Of course, it might have something to do with the fact that this thing came into existence two years before the word "blog" was coined, but what the heck.

Fare thee well, Developer Journal, long live the Bargain Basement Blog.
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I confess. I sent you the M-O-R-T-G-A-G-E emails during the whole journal closing escapade. I was thinking you'd be confused enough by current events to actually send me legitimate personal finance information.

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Uh huh. I've got a 30-year fixed at 5.375%. Good luck beating that.

And don't try to pawn off any of that "interest only loan" crap on me either. No turnips in my pocket.

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I'm kind of scared someone sent you an email when I didn't even tell them to.

I am wondering if I have some kind of cult thing going on here.

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I guess that means that need update my link to your site that calls your blog a "diary" which is what you called it before you called it a "journal".

BTW, you need to update your .plan file.

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