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## Hi

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Okay my journal has been re-opened as well.

I understand that mocking Raymond in closing my journal was a rather childish thing to do. Not something a mature person would partake in. After I slept on it I woke up with a clearer head. Yesterday, lots of shit went down. Let's just forget it happened and move on.

Yes, I'm a cynical bastard. I do not apologize for critisizing some of the things he does, I was only leaving my feedback and my opinions. If he took them as personal attacks, he'll need to get over that.

However. I do apologize to Raymond for being lame and mocking him through the hard time yesterday. That was bad on me. All of us, really.

Damian is here for a week so I won't get much done. Wait, do I ever get much done? Oh well.
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