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And another year draws to a close..

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So, I figured I should pull off at least one last update for 2005 [smile]

This year hasnt been too bad productivity wise. At the start of the year the OGLWFW kicked into being, and while not being overly widely used I was still pretty happy about it turned out. The lack of a non-Win32 version at the end of the year doesnt make me a happy bunny however, nor does the failure of the multi-thread version to work in 64bit mode, but hey it works for the most part in 64bit mode so i'm happy enuff [smile]

The big project of 2005 was ofcourse the GTL. I'm pretty happy with how this turned and it and was well recieved I think. The fact I havent gotten beta 2 out the door yet is a mild annoyance to me, which I'll try to correct shortly into the New Year.

I had a few others things I wanted to do and get started, however they are very much on the back burner for now.

2006... well, due to other things in my life right now I've written it off before its even begun. A relationship has recently fallen completely apart and I've never been very good at dealing with that kinda stuff, so the next couple of months will probably consist of my being very depressed and focusing as much of my attension on my college work as I can.

What does this mean project wise?
Well, as I said, hopefully GTL Beta 2.0 will make it out of the door in the first couple of weeks (most likely post-9th Jan 06) and then after that I dont know if I'll be starting anything new for a while.

I would like to get the OGLX library started, however I'm going to have a horrid time focusing for the first few months at least so if anything happens pre-March I'll be surprised. Summer is when I'm focusing on getting stuff rolling for (if only because I might well need the support tools for my final year degree project), ofcourse that depends on other things as well but thats my aim.

Because of this, forum wise I'll still continue my moderation duties with all the care and attension I normally given them (ie move anything I dont like to 'general programming' *chuckles darkly*) but unless you REALLY engage me dont expect any long drawn out posts... mostly sarcasm [smile]

Anyways, I dare say I wont post before so I hope the rest of you have a good new year and that it doesnt suck as much as mine promises to [smile]
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Hope you have a great new year, phantom. Looking forward to seeing GTL finished and OGLX getting going. :)

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