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Progress over Xmas Break

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Even though I had the week off after Xmas, I have been keeping myself busy. As a result, I have been working on minor changes whenever I get some free time. Some of you who have visited the dev journal prior to yesterday, may have noticed the new banner (created using The Gimp). It seemed like an easy enough task to accomplish while sitting in the airport terminal. I'm pretty new to The Gimp, but I'm liking the features and script-fu's that are provided (not to mention the fact that it is free).

Aside from a few minor bug fixes (character animation was horrible -- now it is just amatuer; some player navigation issues resolved), I added some new ini settings. Players can specify whether or not they want to run in fullscreen and players can specify the size of the mapcache. The mapcache (currently defaulted at 100) is simply the number of maps that you want to keep loaded in memory. This ini setting also allows the players to find a balance between performance and memory consumption. Even though the maps are fairly small in size, players may wish to crank this number up so that maps are only loaded once at startup (and never unloaded/reloaded while playing).

The next task on my list, is to setup some game events and prepare the system for my user interface subsystem.
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Just caught wind of this project you're writing. Welcome to GD.NET+! Good luck with Azriel -- I'll be keeping tabs on your progress. :)

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Guest Anonymous Poster


I want your babies nit. when do we get to play already?

Yours Lovingly (In a non-gay way)
The Pickle.

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