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Harvesting: works!

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Mete emailed me about the MilkShape problem and I fixed it over morning coffee. Go buy a copy of MilkShape now.

So I made two or three asteroid models, and now we are off to the races as far as asteroid harvesting works.


Yeah, so you can harvest asteroids and they leave behind sickly looking dust clouds. You get super cheap uranium out of it, provided you want to be stuck with a mining laser on your ship. I also worked on a new colour scheme for the space station and inventory screen (and this is themeable by modifying my settings file):

That'll show IRC to make fun of my colour scheme, ya bastids. [grin]

I hope to try making the star map right now, but we'll see.
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Well, I'm going to be getting more progress done on this soon, I hope. There are some new models coming, and I still have to implement the upgrade and ship shops (ship shape shop ship ship ship ship shop).

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