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Well, it's been a while since my last post. I blame it on my XBox 360 and XBox Live! Just so people know, this new system is really awesome. And I didn't even like the original XBox. I love playing deathmatch on the new Perfect Dark game and playing co-operatively in the Co-Op mode online.

But I have done a lot of programming in the past few weeks. Most specifically, I just finished up our audio engine. We're using FMOD for the implementation. I had written a DirectSound class to handle audio before, but FMOD just seemed too enticing. It was really simple to setup and recommend it (http://www.fmod.org) for those curious about what audio code library to use for your game. After putting in some test music and sound effects, I've just re-realized how much better sound makes a game. It definitely gives it the atmosphere it needs.

On other coding news, I completely removed the "hardcoded" resource.h file we were using (which had all strings, image paths, etc.) and replaced it with an XML file. We're using Tinyxml (http://sourceforge.net/projects/tinyxml) for processing the XML elements. I really like TinyXML, it's easy to use and supposedly pretty efficient. Also added version number to the XML file to keep track of what version of the game we're on.

Unfortunately, there's no pictures this month as we're really working hard to get our first level created. My artists are going to be modelling a 3D Greek Temple type level as the first deathmatch arena and then they will be exporting the various individual "pieces" into .x files that the game will load. We're pretty much using .x files for all 3D objects and not using any custom vertices created with game code. I just hope we don't have any problems with collision using this method...

Well, have a great New Year's and should have some screenshots and more info soon. Cheers.
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