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Buying/selling upgrades

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Yup, you can do it now. I traded the mining laser on my ship for a faster one, and went off to zap some asteroids. I had a little bit of trouble having it properly un-equip upgrades (considering you can have many types of active and passive upgrades) but I think I did a pretty good job.

There are some nasty hacks in the store but I probably won't have to return to that for awhile, thank Mord. I also wrote a pretty tricked-out upgrade collator for your inventory so everything is nice and clean, as it should be.

Later on, I think I'll get system jumping, rudimentary AI and combat in -- which means I get to implement the PDA interface -- which means I should probably get started implementing non-weapon upgrades, and jobs so you can buy these upgrades (and a ship that can hold more than one unit of upgrade)!

I also added the Boost upgrade -- it gives you a permanent top speed increase but you can only have one equipped at a time. For ships with little upgrade space (like your first ship) you will need to remove your weapon to use it, which makes the game a tradeoff between fast commodity running or slow mining.

Mining is also slightly improved, I am adding sound effects to back up the mining and more information about the progress.

It's quite remarkable how much code this is taking up. I hope people really enjoy this one.

Also, Foobar has been working on a particle engine, which may make its way into the game for thrusters and explosions and all that good stuff. Here's some big shots:

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