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Several people have made their interest known that they wanted to know more information on how my planet creator generates its ecological data. The math and equations behind all of this is very indepth and I am unable to share them at this time but I will go over some simplified ideas to help figure the general rules. The focus here will be on the calculation of the different biomes that are the major regional biological communities, such as a desert or forest, defined mostly by their dominant forms of plant life and prevailing climates. These climates consist of their temperature, precipitation, and wind conditions but for our goals we only need the temperature and precipitation. Using these two pieces of information and the simplified chart below you can predict what biome a region may have but first we need figure out this information. Temperature is very closely tied with latitude and altitude and a general rule of thumb is that temperature drops 3 degrees Fahrenheit for every 1,000 feet rise in altitude from sea level. This temperature change is what allows different biomes to be in the same region because every 1,000 foot rise you will have a similar biome that you would find for every 600 miles traveled towards a pole from the equator. Precipitation is the wetness of an area and finding it out is a little more complicated involing temperature, altitude, geological boundaries, and convection zones. Since I cannot cover this now a simple gradient can be used. This gradient starts at the equator with maximum precipitation and moves towards the poles decreasing with distance and altitude like our previous temperature map. Now you can find out the biomes with your temperature, precipitation, and the chart below. Hopefully someone will find this information useful and if so drop me a line. Have a happy and safe new year.

Simplified Biome Chart:
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