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Brief Introduction

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So after years of liking games, I decided to try and make games (like everybody else!).

The whole process is interesting to me so I'm going to start by tring to make a "complete" but small game, probably a puzzle game of some kind, just to get experience (though I'll try to make it fun to play).

Mostly just research so far; I decided to use the PopCap framework to handle some of the tedious details robustly, so I'm studying that. Also for some reason I'm curious about making the colorful fonts that make good games look so nice.

And trying to figure out the best way to make game music.

Fun stuff! I'm just a hobbyist so if anybody happens to read this, don't expect too much. I just wanted to make a journal to help with motivation and on the off chance that somebody else finds it interesting.
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Recommended Comments

Welcome to journal land!

Good luck with the game development - and remember, we love to see screen shots.

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Nice to see another journal here! Hope you go well with your hobby projects!

For fonts, I'm presently using Aenigma Fonts. The site's down at the moment, though. I'm pretty sure these are okay to use in a free project, although I'd contact the creator if you were planning on a commercial release. I haven't tried any of the font creation programs myself.

For music, I love ModPlug Tracker. It's free to use, and makes decent enough sounding tunes. You need some instrument samples to use it, however (these can just be sound files). You'll also need to know how to write your own music (can't really get around that [smile]).

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Thanks for the welcome everybody!

Special thanks for the link to -- lots of interesting stuff there!

I downloaded modplug tracker a few days ago and have been looking at it; it looks like a good way to make tunes for games!

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