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first experience with tile maps

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Well, I spent last night trying to get a tile map sort of system in and see how it goes. I thought it would be alot harder. The hardest part was trying to get the edges not to show up as black areas because of the directx window clipper. I made the back surface a little larger, then blit it on the primary surface cropping the edges. Although this works ok, I think I will make a seperate surface just for the tile maps that I will use to then later blit into the back buffer surface wich everything else will be drawn on (characters, items, gui, ect). I think this looks like a game starting to take shape :D

Next thing I want to do is maybe try to do basic networking. I really would like to get a couple player game with mechs and have each other try to battle to the death :D I am not 100% clear, but I want to try something like this. I hope i dont lose my mind trying :).


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