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X Not Copied

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I only just read that 321 Studios, makers of the DVD X Copy and Games X Copy packages, have shut down. A couple of things:

Firstly, it's too late. You can't put the mushroom cloud back in the atom bomb; most of the people using that software for illegitimate purposes will be using warezed versions of it (cos I just can't see that kind of person actually paying for his tools). Shutting down the firm makes a point, and it eliminates an entity which may have done more damage over time (further releases), but does little to affect current users - except those, of course, who bought and are using it for legitimate purposes. Oops.

Secondly, that kind of product need not be necessary at all. What happened to the days when you could send a broken/scratched CD back to the manufacturer, and they'd send you a new copy free of charge? You know - with freepost handling and everything? That's the real situation where backups are required. Admittedly, it doesn't cover you losing your CD; well, tough luck. Learn to be more organised.

If users have an alternative to backing up their games, the only people left copying are the pirates. And that oughta make things a lot easier when identifying who's who.
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