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Eragon and ahh.

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WOW, just wow, I see my flaws that have been inflicted by playing a nuber of MMORPGs rather than reading fantacy. Well, I read Eragon and Eldest and my eyes have been opened to the true nature of things.

Why is the ingame world so damn huge?! What makes these *creatures of choice*, though strong, able to run through a whole continent in a short period of time? The world of a game should be smaller, like that of alagaesia in the Eragon series, roughly the size of Trisfal Glades, Hillsbrad, and Silverpine Forest in World of Warcraft, or so I assume the size to be.

In Eragon it took 8 days riding his horse to exhaustion for Eragon to reach the Varden from Gil'ead, and so it should, it's not a tiny distance! It took 3 days on dragon-back for him to reach Surda from the Elven Lands in the north as well. So clearly the concept of size and speed is flawed in many games, clearly game time will move faster, but I plan to think of the game and its story as more of a fantacy book now, as Eragon and Eldest have completely restored inspiration inside of me, and it feels great.

I will be drawing up a new map during the night.

Also, now done with the books, I am constantly wanting to implement Dragon Riders into the game, and make you a Dragon Rider, I LONG to do that, but it would be a blatant rip-off and I cannot find a way around it, breifly explaining what a rider is:

Quoted by nobody, just boxed away to avoid confusion.

Dragons stay in eggs until they find a suitable Elf or Human, when found they hatch for that person. Dragons have unmatched magical ability but they cannot control but a small amount of it. They are linked through their mind to their rider as if they are one, but two at the same time. The rider has prolonged life, develops elven features if human(the dragons actually made the elves the way they are in the first place), and the rider develops profound magical ability.

I want them, I long to have them ingame, but I have no idea how to do it without it being a blatant rip-off of Eragon, and especially now that I've mentioned it here.


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You could make an enormous game world and implement some sort of time-compression feature (as seen in Elite/X2/Zelda: MM) to make it seem shorter.

That way you still have epic journeys at a relatively slow pace, but the player can speed it up so it's still a game. You could add options to automatically drop out of time-compression mode for combat, nearby interesting things, nearby NPCs, etc so players would still find overworld quests and the like.

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