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2006 and I still don't have a hover-car

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Happy new year to all.

This is also my 15th wedding anniversary, so congratulate me on that. Shelly and I don't have any grand plans for today. We'll probably just go out to eat somewhere not too expensive and try to take it easy.

Humanist Hall's library just grew from about three books to over 2,000 thanks to a generous donation, so I might spend some time unboxing and shelving books.

The end is in sight for The Code Zone's commerce stuff. Everything's in place now except for the download page. I decided to make the download page require your username and code to download games. This is for two reasons.

- There's no point downloading a full game unless you've got the unlock code. Since the online Flash version gives you enough of the game, I'm not making a "one hour version" or "seven day version" or anything like that. I might make one for the download sites, but I'm only distributing the full version here.

- It should save on bandwidth if I don't have a bunch of people downloading the game who can't unlock it.

So it's happening. I really don't like being a server kind of guy. I'm good at writing games. I need to stick with that.

Maggie had a play-day with her Clariden pal Sage yesterday, so Shelly and I went to see "King Kong". Boy, whatta ride that was. Yeah, it's three hours long, but I didn't feel like it was draggy anywhere. Highly recommended.

On the whole, I was pretty disappointed in the year movie-wise. The new Harry Potter was pretty good, and "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" wasn't the train-wreck that the remake of "Planet of the Apes" was. Other than that, nothing really interested me at all.

Star Wars 3 limped that trilogy to a finish and tied with "Alien Versus Predator" for the honor of film franchise that least needed to be revisited.

While some will cite the Ed Woodesque dialogue, the lamest Episode 3 moment was the first 15 minutes, which involved a main character pursuing and killing a giant kung-fu robot. This entire sequence makes no damn sense unless you happened to watch the made-for-cable Star Wars cartoon that came out between episodes 2 and 3.

And, just in case sci-fi geeks needed to further prove that their taste is in question, they voted that crapfest as number 243 on the IMDB's list of best movies ever, ahead of Network, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, the original Planet of the Apes, and Doctor Zhivago.

. . .but I digress.

Funniest "King Kong" moment came before the movie during the trailer for "Da Vinci Code". Their attempts at making Tom Hanks look young are hilarious. He's supposed to be playing a guy in his twenties, so they dyed his hair black and teased it up and caked him in makeup. It's an unforgettable image.

Reminds me of the scene in Howard Stern's Private Parts where Howard (after having two young actors playing him as a kid) plays himself as a college student. Just as you see him, Howard-as-narrator comes on and says "I know I seem a little too old to be in College. But for this movie you've gotta suspend disbelief".

They should probably open the Da Vanci Code movie with that line :)

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Happy 15, man. Unfortunately I wasn't able to make it past four, but congrats on making it to 15 and many many more!

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Congratulations on the anniversary! Jeez you guys getting married seems like yesterday . . . time flies.

Speaking of which, that first "15 minutes chase" occurred about an hour into the film. Don't feel bad; that film was rather mind-numbing.

Happy anniversary and New Year!

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