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Feel like the walking dead right now, I'm functioning on about 3 hours of sleep and trying to get some stuff done this morning. Thank goodness I don't drink anymore, or I would really be feeling like crap right now.

Went to the Tostitos block party over in Tempe. Every New Years they close off a big stretch of Mill Ave. over by the ASU campus, and they have all sorts of live bands and dances and parties and whatnot. It's always a huge blast. This year, I brought my digital cam, but I could only be arsed to take a few quick pictures, most of them of poor quality. This year sorta sucked, since I was 'alone' on New Years for the first time in a long time. Since I split up with my girl on Christmas Day, though, I suppose that is to be expected. I really am better off without her (long story) but it sucked not getting a kiss at midnight.

And this is me (on the left) with the boys. None of the girls wanted to be in the pic, so to heck with them.

Anyway, better get crap done so I can crawl back into bed and die.
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Aww, if I'd been there then I'd have given you a hug - on that last picture you sure look like you need one [wink]. The subsequent beating would have been worth it too. [grin]

Hope you have a great 2006!

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Oh yeah how do you post a pic on here? I will show you pain. Don't worry it's not xrated or anything, but i can post those too. Jokes bro. Hasta.

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