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Fun with spheres

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So I have more or less picked some mechanics for my little puzzle game, and it involves moving balls around (impressive, eh?). Even such a trivial thing has its interesting points though.... I'll have to render a lot of different styles of spheres from arbitrary orientations, and I'd like them to look reasonably nice.

Time to crack out the algebra.

The first picture is just a rendered heightfield to show that my sphere intersections were working. The second one adds some phong shading, and the third one gets a little fancier.

Beyond that I started playing with some classic Perlin-style effects:

Eventually the idea is to streamline this so I can bash out renders of the balls very quickly. Next steps: work on that rendering including oversampling for anti-aliasing, and figure out a way to map textures onto spheres without distorting them (that's a head-scratcher for right now).

Beyond that, I downloaded the trial of Photoshop and I played with it a bit. I think I'll probably have to buy it, which is fairly painful, but learing photoshop is probably good for me anyway.

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Looking very impressive so far, considering you're generating those nifty spheroids. :)

I'll definitely keep an eye on your journal to see how things continue to progress. I missed the opportunity to slide in a reply in the "greetings" post below, so I'll cleverly insert it here: welcome to Journal-Land!

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