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Mystery Project and the enigmatic New Year!

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New Years

Happy New Years everyone. Hope you had a fun time and enjoyed 2005. I was at a great party with a bunch of good friends -- and a bunch of good drinks :P -- and had a generally good time ringing in the new year. I hope everyone had an equally, if not better, experience. :)

Mystery Project

Whew, things are heating up in this realm. I've been working away on the 2D game engine for MP, and so far it's going well. I'm building it as a rather high-level engine atop the very excellent Allegro game library. A while back I mentioned writing a component-based 2D game engine for easy reusage of code for future projects, and so far that plan is turning out pretty darn well. The screen, images, image-cache, and drawing are all coded and are working just fine, with plans to write the sprite engine and maybe input tomorrow.

Draffurd (the mastermind artist/composer) has been hard at work making some awesome material for Mystery Project. It's safe to mention that the game will be an overhead 2D game, and he's created some wonderful characters and their animations based on what equipment they are holding. I had originally planned on loading the animation up into a nice GIF, but I can't find any free GIF-builders that don't cover the animation with their advertisements. There goes that plan. :/ So I'll plop down the spritesheet for the main template character which the rest will be based off of. It doesn't do its animation justice, but if anyone knows of a free GIF-builder I'll gladly update. :)

However, take a moment to sample the titlescreen music (in progress!) if you like. It's more like a foundational jingle for the theme/mood of the game, but I particularly like Draffurd's work on it. Listening to it a few times while I code gives me a nifty little motivational boost. Far better than those Potions of Motivation I scummed off those monsters a few dungeons back. :P
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