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Back in black

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It was recently pointed out to me that there was a black theme available for a few weeks now... I wish I had noticed before I complained about it, but the good thing is that I'm now using it. My eyes will no longer attempt suicide when I look at this site at 3 in the morning =)

I just finished EasyShots v2.0 last night (4am, to be precise). It now uses .Net Framework 2.0, which resulted in quite a few UI enhancements, so EasyShots looks a lot more professional now, which hopefully will result in more sales.

You can also send screenshots via email directly from EasyShots now, which was a nice feature to add. I still plan on adding a couple of features, but I need to decide whether those will be done for the 2.0 release or for a 2.1 release. I'll have to analyze the scope of the features and check if it's worth delaying the release.

Anyway, back to work.
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