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Since the beginning of the last year until now, our population (average players online) has increased with about 200 players. Which is pretty good.
We made a pretty decent income from the game as well (don't ask how much, is secret) and if things continue to go this way in a year or two we might be able to actually work at EL full time.
Now, of course, we will have to pay taxes, which is the sucky part. I wouldn't mind if my tax money goes to good things, such as taking care of the poor, education, medical research and stuff. But it bothers me when my money is spent on killing people and military research.

In the last few days of the year, we had a poll, which was supposed to expire on 6th of January, regarding the fate of the cooldowns (let them or remove them). The oppinion was extremely even, about 50% of the players wanted them, and 50% didn't want them. With over 500 votes cast, it represented a lot of our active players population.

Anyway, today the poll has disspeared, we have no idea why. Could have been a sabotage, an accident, or an IPB bug. Nevertheless, I decided for the cooldowns to stay, and so far most of the players are OK with this decision (I told them about other plans we have to improve the game, such as some new magic weapons and armors, special areas for summoning, etc.)
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How much do you make from EL? Lol just kidding, just wanted to say, it is great that you are gaining a lot from EL. Anyway I have some questions about the server you are using, is your server at home or do you use remote acess control or something? Also, how much does your server hold and how much did it cost? I am not making an mmorpg but always been interested in many mmo devs. :)!

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The server is hosted ina professional datacenter in France, and didn't cost us anything. We had some deal witha French company.
But from the beginning of this year we will have to get our own server and pay for the bandwidth (about 100/USD month).

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Oh that is nice of the French company :)! 100 USD/month is pretty nice for a server that could probably hold 1-2k people right?

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Yes, it is a very good price, and they are nice too (actually the company is owned by a guy and his wife) so there is not a lot of beaurocracy and stuff.
I am very pleased with them.

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Thats great! I am very pleased with the production of EL and am hoping for you guys to continue with Barren Moon! :)!

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