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Getting you up to speed:

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Hey everyone,
I figure i'll try and get you all up to speed with what im working on. Currently im trying to write my first commercial game using C++/SDL. Let me give you a little information about the game:

Brief Description:
Currently the project is unnamed. The idea behind it is a game where you start of by creating your kingdom. You choose your color, talbard design, king, and voice to customize your playing experience. Durning the story you travel the world defeating kingdoms to make yourself the most feared army around. The gameplay itself will be similar to the popular arcade game Pong, where you stand oposing your enemy while juggling a projectile back and fourth against each other. You play as a knight defending your king, standing atop a castle, against an apposing knight doing the same. The object of the game is to destroy the opposing enemys castle and capture there king. After defeating a kindom it becomes yours, allowing you to battle another ajesent kingdom. During the game powerups can be collected (by hitting peasents, other knights, etc...) running through the field. The knights themselves bounce back and fourth a boulder flung from one sides catapult. The powerups provide special abilitys (knocking the opposing enemy down with a direct shot, chosing the tragectory* of the rock, archers shooting towards the opposing castle) which are used to help collapse the enemys castle.

Current Concepts
Here is an early concept of the games characters:

The top row of kings are concepts of kings the player can choose from when creating there kingdom. The bottom row is story unique kings whos kingdoms you must defeat. The knight is what the player will control during gameplay. The jester is basically the games menus. Instead of going through a bunch of different menus all of the gui navigation will be handled through conversations with the jester. I feel it keeps the player more involved in the games world rather then clicking a bunch of buttons on a menu.

Current Progress
Alot of interesting things have happened in the last few days. I just recently finished the games map editor, finishing 1/2 of the tools the game will require. My developmental computer , my labtop, is currently in for repairs which has the game engine, ShoeStringEngine, which im waiting for to start on the games development.

I do think I lucked out though by finding a very valuable team member. After losing our current artist (who was with the project for two days before leaving) I was contacted by someone who was very excited about the idea of the project. He has currently signed on to the project as the Lead Artist. Right nows me and him are in the process of getting the NDA and the Indiependent Contractors contracts made up and signed before we continue work. Who is this very valuable member? Simon Butler. You may have heard of him, hes been in the industry for 21 years and has worked on over 230 2D games. Some of his work can be seen here. He has worked on some very popular games such as Street Fighter Alpha 3 for the Playstation 1, X-Men: Reign of Apocalypse for the Gameboy Advanced, and Army Men: Advance for the Gameboy Advanced. Hopefully he will help the project reach the level of quality im hoping it will.
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Sounds like an interesting concept, it'll be good to see how the game takes shape. Good luck with the help wanted you've got posted at the moment, and with getting the project to release-quality. [smile]

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The Jester concept sounds like a very interesting interface paradigm. I'll be interested to see how it plays out in the overall design and gameplay.

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Great to see you're definitely getting off on the right foot. Not to mention an interesting game concept. Keep it up!

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