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Today has really been a learning experience for myself. I wrote my first Independent Contractors/NDA contract today, that was fun. Im really glad that things are moving alone so professionally, it takes alot of worrys out of my head.

As for the game we are currently BACK into the design process. Me and Simon are coming up with a "Master List" of all art resources in the game so that we know exactly how much needs to be done. Afterwords we will be re-designing the characters for the game, again.... Since Simon has a larger skillset in 2D artwork than then our previous artist it will be good to see what different styles we could possiably have for the game. I will post a few concepts of what the characters could possibly look like, I would like the community here to help me decide on what our game could/should look like.

On a personal note, after cleaning out the kitchen today I noticed something that I dont think many people out there have. I guess you could call it a collectors item.

Thats right folks, I actually own a Morning's Wrath magnent.
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Cool. I have the Morning's Wrath urinal cake and the Morning's Wrath egg separator, but not the magnet.

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Awesome [smile]

I have one of the few X³ mouse pads in existence, so I can appreciate the awesomeness of having rare branded Stuff.

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On the top of the refridgerator is my Pierre and the fish lunch box with its Stompy Man thermous. I love collectables

p.s those two dont actuially exist.

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