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Three Phase Gooch Shading

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Jason Z


So after tweaking my gooch shader I started thinking about how to make the contrast even better and possibly add a little bit of flair to the basic effect.

The normal gooch shading essentially interpolates from the warm to the cool colors based on the dot product of the model normal and the light vector (N.L). So I decided to see what the results would be if I interpolated from warm to black to cool based on N.L. I figured that adding another color band would provide a greater range for the lighting interactions. Here is a sample of the output:

I like the way that the lighting is interacting with the model - particularly if the model is in motion. I have tried several different color combinations but the red/green seems to have a nice look to it.

There are a suprising number of different combinations that can be put together to come up with different effects. Another one that I have been experimenting with is to use the sum of the warm and cool colors as the mid-band of the color spectrum. It has turned out some interesting results as well:

Which do you like better or think provides better contrast for spotting the details of the model?
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Imo while the upper looks better, the lower oneis better to make out details (especially in areas which are black in the upper one)

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It's a heat seeking bunny. Now I have to locate my heat seeking bunny missle launcher. Looking good!

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The silhouettes are drawn using extruded backfaces you said. Does that mean you draw the front faces normal, and draw the back faces unculled and slightly larger so they create silhouettes?

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