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Hi my friends...

this is my first post in 2006 =D

I present you the PLayer class:

PLayer : PInputEventReceiver

PList* FGraphicObjects;

std::string FLayerID;
SColor* FColor;
PLayer(std::string ALayerID, SRect* ABounds, IVideoDriver* AVideoDriver);
std::string GetLayerID(void);
void SetLayerID(std::string AValue);

void Draw(void);

This class will be responsible for Keep all objects in the screen, I prefered use the layers because it has the order benefit...

For while, this class just has this few methods, I have not thought in another funcionallity for it.

The draw method just will draw its graphic objects =D

Tomorrow I'll show the PPanel class and after that, I'll need your help to know "what path I have to follow" =P


PS: I'm sorry about the late...
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