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Disco Stage

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Today I messed around with lights somemore. I tried to simulate a disco with 3 lights on a stage. Yeah, I know, budget disco.

and with random levels of shininess (an extra expense)

Now I know, gif isn't good a displaying interesting features. Oh well.

Click below to download VS C++ 2005 source.
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Guest Anonymous Poster


Hey, cool progress! Glad to see you back. This is Daerax. I was wondering if you ever ran into fuzzy, rough or shady sets (semisets) before? Most of the work on them seems to be by eastern europeans and russians (who have historically often been ahead of the west in terms of innovation) with very few books and basically no lecture notes on the topic. I feel that Shady Sets (semisets) in combination with flexioms could herald a revolution in mathematics.. At the least, it would free us from Godel, regardless of how ephemeral and far away his hold is.

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Hiya, yeah. I've been pretty busy. Still am in fact and didn't even take a vacation. Hope you are doing well.

I have worked with Fuzzy and Rough, but I haven't worked with Shady. Shady sets sound rather... erm Shady. I'll have to look into that. Thanks for the heads up.

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