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Assorted Crap

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So I'm drinking another Bawls on Gin at the moment, surfing around a bit, getting ready to crack open the copy of Pulp Fiction that I just got from Netflix. I have three pieces of advice for my readers:

1. If you have not seen Pulp Fiction, rent a copy and see it.
2. If you have not signed up for Netflix, go do it. Now.

No, seriously - stop reading this and go sign up for Netflix. Best. Service. Ever. I love not having to go to my crap podunk Hollywood or Blockbuster, discover they are closed, rant in anger, go back over lunch break the next day, and discover they do not have the title I wanted to rent. Netflix is awesome.

3. If you have not tried Bawls on Gin, go do it. Soon. Maybe not now. Honestly, though; get yourself a pack of Bawls, a bottle of Tanqueray or Bombay, and mix one up - 1 bottle Bawls, 1 shot gin (vary the amount of gin to taste; I prefer about 1.1 shots worth). This drink is amazing and you want one. I expect all two of my dutiful regulars to report to me within the week that you have tried Bawls on Gin. I fully expect, at some point in the relatively near future, to be able to actually order this drink in a bar, and have the tender know what I'm talking about. Spread the word, minions loyal friends people possibly semi-sentient (or better) reading audience someone. I think.

Other than that... I'm drafting my article off and on. I have a slow, perfectionist method to writing formally, so it may be a while, but as soon as I have a completed and more-or-less coherent draft I'll post it for evaluation before I start revisions.

I've also got the beginnings of a very large, very intricate, and very twisted plot concept jotted down in Notepad, sitting on my desktop. I'm not going to say any more about it, because I need more time to really understand what I'm thinking (if I'm thinking at all) before I start discussing it publicly. Suffice it to say I've bounced it off a couple of people and gotten exceedingly good reactions, so I'm hoping to fully pursue this concept at some point in my game-writing future.

I'm also getting very, very close to finishing up my day job and going full-time with Egosoft. That makes me exceedingly happy, because I'm sick and tired of this product and just want to be done with the thing.

Anyways, happy 2006, and such, etc.
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