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My next goal for the game is to make it so that the player can actually progress to the next level. Right now I have to go into the code and manually change it every time I want to change the level.

With Blocky Man, the method I used to do this was very simple. I named the map files:

etc...(not exactly, but something like that)

Than I hacked the code to make the levels play in order.

Now I'm going to code it so a group of levels will be packaged into a "world". This will allow people who make their own maps to group their levels. After all, I'm hoping to make this game something people will want to create maps for.
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I usually just add a line in each map file saying which map will be loaded next (when that level is beaten). Or, in an RPG, maybe up to 4 lines (one for each direction). The only problem I can think of with this approach is that a map can only lead to one other level; you couldn't have level 5 go to level 6 in one situation and to level 7 in another. In games like that, though, I usually create a 'Door' object, and each one will load (from the map file) which map it will lead to.

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