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Installer - #3 The Roadmap 0.1d

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As it stands, this is the roadmap for the initial version, 0.1d:

Initial GUI interfaces for the Installation Builder.
Initial CLI interfaces for the Installation Application.
Initial file formats for Image and Installer
Image definition
Compression\Decompression using LZMA, Bzip.
Installer writing
Installation modes
- Full: Application is written entirely to disk
- Uninstallation: Application is removed entirely from disk
- Rollback: An interupted installation can re rolled back, restoring the system as it was prior to the attempted installation.

As coding progress goes, I don't have a lot done (I have finals coming up at the end of the month, as well as a project that has to be handed in. I have been writing these entries as a welcome distraction). I have some basic version of some classes prepared, but until I decide that enough tweaking has been done on the specifics I can't do an awful lot more except play with what I do have, and get some basic testing done. Hopefully I will be able to make a much better run at it through February.
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