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Still plugging along

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Did a little more fiddling on the editor today. I redid the on-screen brush cursor display that shows what region of the map you are editing. IN the old version, I had a cursor that consisted of a single high-lighted tile that sorta followed the mouse cursor around, following the terrain surface. Now I've changed it to show a representation of the currently selected brush so that you have a better idea of what is going to happen when you start painting. Basically, I just construct a 49x49 mesh by copying terrain values from the heightmap, and copy colors from the selected brush, then draw the mesh over the top of the terrain using an additive blend. It works much nicer than the old way.

As soon as I figure out the Fox toolkit's file dialogs (should be easy, just haven't looked at the docs yet) I will get the Export Heightmap to TGA function working, then I will do the Windows build and upload for people to play with. Still have been procrastinating the blur tool and the erase terrain tool, but that's just how I am. Here are a couple shots of the cursor system in action.

Back to work...
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Fox Toolkit.

It's pretty nifty, but one thing that might bother some folks is that it uses it's own widget drawing engine, rather than using the native OS widgets. This has the effect that all Fox apps will have a consistent look across platforms, but they won't, for example, have an appearance consistent with Windows themes and styles. I personally don't have a problem with it, but I've noticed that hardcore Windows freaks complain about it a lot.

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