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Before I say anything else.... THE GP2X FUCKING ROCKS.

That's right. It's a very cool piece of kit. I was suprised at how lightweight and swish the whole thing is - it's got a nice 3.5" screen and a decent control layout.

So the first thing I did was investigate the CD that was burned with it - a load of emulators have been ported over to the system - including Frodo (C64 emulator) and the ScummVM. You know what that means? I can now play two of my favourite games of all time on the GP2X! That's right frickin URIDIUM and MONKEY ISLAND 2! I picked up MI2 a couple of months ago from a car boot for a couple of quid and now it has life again on my little handheld. Uridium 2 came free with the Graftgold Collection on Retro gamer last year, I only played it a little on the PC but last night was spent blasting my way through the first few levels at breakneck speeds. Suffice to say, I'm very happy =)

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