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New Toy! (kinda...)

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So, after Evolutional's sales pitch I've parted with the cash and now sit and await the arrival of my very own GP2X handheld console [grin]

I took the plunge after looking at the specs again and deciding it would be pretty cool to see what I can get the thing to do. Not since my Atari STe programming days have I had a machine like this to play with and its lot more powerfull than my old 8Mhz, 4Meg of ram machine from back then and we used to be able to get alot from 'em [grin]

I also got a 1GB memory card with it, give me some space to play with.

However, the downside is that I've just been emailed to tell me they are currently out of stock and I'll have to wait until the end of next week to get one [sad]

However, I've go a few weeks of spare time after that, so plenty of time to play with it and I can start reading about how to program it next week once all my college assigments are done (hand in time; monday).

I wonder if I can get anything done before the London gathering.... [grin]
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Well, in total it set me back £174, however for sending to the US its cheaper (no VAT), so it would cost you £152.67, which tells me is 268.354 USD

Probably a bit less if you didnt get a memory card with it and instead got one locally...

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So does Oli get any scratch for the referral? [grin] He's a slick salesman, isn't he?

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I've been having a couple of issues with batteries on mine. It seems it'll no longer work from batteries and needs a DC input! I'm hoping that this is from me using shitty batteries and not because of a hardware fault.


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